Friday, June 17, 2011

David Wain - Wet Hot American Summer

Host Jeff Goldsmith interviews co-writer/director David Wain about the 10 year anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer

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  1. Hey Jeff, forgive me if this is the wrong place but I couldn't find a feedback link or anything. I really loved the CS podcast and have been wanting to follow you over here but the lack of a proper rss feed is kind of keeping me from doing it. Every podcast app I use (Android - I'm sure this is easy for iTunes) just gives me a download link but I can't actually play it in the player. I'm tech savvy - I know I can download it - but that's not horribly manageable on a regular basis. I'm going to download Wet Hot American Summer and Bridesmaids, but difficulty of use is really kind of a barrier for me enjoying you on a regular basis (I used to get very excited seeing a new episode in my queue and it very often prompted me to go watch something first), and I can't be the only one. Sorry man, I hate very much trying to be a squeaky wheel, but I really love what you do and want to enjoy it, not hassle over the best way to do so. Thanks for listening/reading. Looking forward to the interviews.

  2. Just want to second what Chris is saying here. If there's an rss feed of your podcast, I can't find it. I'm subscribed in iTunes, but if I want to subscribe on my (Android) phone, there's no easy way to do so. Love the show, btw.

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